January 3rd Build

Wow!! January 3rd update is out, and you know what, the game getting better.
You can download it here. and Gomen Nasai for late update. I’ve been really busy with new anime.

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About Maelstrom

He just an average normal guy until earlier Spring. Currently studying and strive to become a programmer, motivated by YandereDev. He always love anime, manga and games. His waifu is Yuigahama Yui and his Imouto is Illyasviel Von Einzbern.

6 thoughts on “January 3rd Build

  1. I know that the reason why on the game some text cannot be seen is because is missing a font, right?, if that’s so, which font do I need to install in order to be able to read, also does anyone has the same issue that the mouse doesn’t work or it’s just me?


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