June 29th build

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This goes without saying.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YANDEREDEV!!

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June 21st build

Sorry, a bit late update.. Well very late, yanderedev usually upload an update at 12am in his timezone, so I usually check for update around that time but he upload 2 hours later, so I was inevitably not noticing about new update, thanks to masshiro-kun for telling me, you be like him if you leave a comment about a new update!! so.. Well, sorry! Kah kah (Shinobu)

Have you ever heard about the new game, Overwatch?

Fan Art Collection!

Finally it’s air! This goes without saying,.. actually I forgot, that’s why it take a loooooong time.. Plus, I’ve been busy lately, kah kah. By the way, You can view all Fan Art that has been featured on YandereDev Blog, in a single page! Every art has it’s credit for their own respective owner or illustrator if it mentioned by YandereDev. Anyway, take a look!