A New Contributor = Me!


I’m a new contributor to YandereHost, where you can find Yandere Simulator builds if you can’t download using the official link.

P.S. This entire blog post is REALLY unnecessary, and you guys might not care. (Because, you guys came here for BUILDS! Not silly introductions!)

But, *ahem*, let me introduce myself first anyway.

I’m Alexis, I’m known in WordPress as NoticeMeSenpai9000, and I’m known on the Yandere Simulator wiki as SixByteCookie!

So, yeah, I introduced myself to the blog and to you guys. This is for a reason, as well, because you guys may be all “WHO TF ARE YOU?! WHY ARE YOU BREAKING INTO YANDEREHOST?!”

If you guys want to be contributors to YandereHost as well, just e-mail the main blogger of YandereHost. E-mail’s on F.A.Q.

I’ve been playing YanSim since June 2015, so I might have a lot of experience here.

Well, not really though. But hey, I still have experience! 😉

I’m not a second-in-command here, though. I’m just a regular contributor from time-2-time, if you guys forgot that. If you want more info on being a contributor, read the “June 1st 2016 Build” blog post.

Uhh.. I guess I’ve been saying stuff a bit too much now.

So, that’s all! (I guess. :T) I just made this blog post to introduce myself. I’ll see you around at YandereHost soon!

~xoxo, NoticeMeSenpai9000~



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