July 13th build and YandereHost is still alive

Official Launcher is now available. Even so, YandereHost is Still alive and now

Note, in the latest build, yanderedev upload in zip format so, I convert it to Rar Format As well.

Another Note, If any of the download not working, I mean like broken link. Please. Tell me. Leave a comment below.

If Rar don’t work, try Zip. If Zip don’t work, I can’t help.

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About Maelstrom

He just an average normal guy until earlier Spring. Currently studying and strive to become a programmer, motivated by YandereDev. He always love anime, manga and games. His waifu is Yuigahama Yui and his Imouto is Illyasviel Von Einzbern.

20 thoughts on “July 13th build and YandereHost is still alive

  1. Hi, ive attempted to download using both google drive and google drive zip and im unable to open them both… idk if its not working or if its just my laptop being odd… btw im trying to download this on a Acer Chromebook so I thought the google links would work but idk. please help 🙂


  2. good day today I have tried to download the new version but my laptop does not do it I tried different ways to download nothing is impossible what to do ?


    • that is nothing . i tried all the websites. now i downloaded yandere here peacefully. i had before downloaded exactly 547 times. and once i had downloaded from a website called kyojim.com
      ALL MY YANDERE LOVER BROS AND SIS keep away from this website as it laced my computer with malware , changed my chrome settings to vulnerable to virus attacks. virus ed my comp. lagged it badly. going to the website will not do any harm. so go there and check.it by even a slightest mistake DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. WARNING FOR SAFETY OF ALL COMPUTERS AND LAPTOPS..


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