About / FAQ

Q What is this website about?
A An advanced download host for Yandere Simulator for those who have any complaints with Original Host.

Q Is this official site for Yandere Simulator?
A No, Yandere Simulator official site is at here.

Q Is this site or file hosted here is safe? (Virus, Malware)
A Yes. Please read here.

Q Can I play this game on Mac?
A Sure! If you want to play on Mac. Please visit YandereMac for Mac version.

Q How to download the game?
A Visit this page here

Q Where to download the game?
A Visit this page here

Q How to play?
Download the game and extract it using WinRar

Q Wait, I don’t understand. Ex-what?
A When you download the game, the file must be YandereSim.rar , after you install WinRar, right-click on that file and click extract here.

Q I hate rar, any alternative?
A Me too, try zip file that I’ve convert. Zip archive file appear in bracket as eg. Google Drive (Zip).

Q Is there any different between Zip and Rar?
A Some people can’t use Rar so Zip is alternative, my website purpose is to overcome that but Zip file size is slightly larger.

Q Which host is the best?
A Opinion may be vary; no one really know. Your location, your internet speed, your software will put different result for each host, so find your best.

Q YandereDev have update new build but I don’t see that build here?
A Funny Story, I must be sleeping. Just tell me anywhere at comment section, it will appear at my notification bar.

Q I try to download from Google Drive but it say I don’t have permission for it?
A Try to refresh the page, I probably accidentally turn off access, but high likely you’re using non-google email.
Try to log out or simply open link  in incognito tab.

Q Based on the FAQ above are you sure that is the case?
A All of my link, theoretically* has been test using incognito tab. *I test it for first time, if it working I put it into my uploading procedure

Q How I can support YandereDev?
A Head over to YandereDev patreon page. Alternatively, your download in this website also can help him.

Q I still have question, but I don’t see the answer anywhere here?
A Ops, that’s weird, then ask me at comment section.

Q What is your favorite anime?
A Clannad.

Q In Nisekoi what Team are you in?
A Silly question, of course #TeamChitoge

Q What is your status?
A Forever alone, nobody want me 😥

Q Do you have any YouTube channel?
A Sure! You also can support me by subscribe my channel at YouTube. A channel where I do thing randomly.

Q Is there any way for me to contact you?
A Sure! You can contact me at maelstrom@yanderehost.com! Alternatively you just have to leave a comment anywhere in this website!

Q It just me or the FAQ start talking about you?
A It just you.

Credit to YandereDev for promising great game and YandereMac for modified the game for Mac.

33 thoughts on “About / FAQ

    1. Hey I am willing to submit my old builds from 2014 – 2015 – 2016 pls email me if you want to get any of the versions right now I am going to work on getting them together and in a folder

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Uh… Can you please put the download of the January 1th build? I can’t download it from MediaFire… Pretty please! 🐱


  2. i know it’s hard to update the game on Mac and fixing bug at the same time, i’m downloading the Nov16 build and hoping for later builds which are Jan3 or Jan2, or just Dec16. Wish u all very best 🙂


    1. Sorry you are completely wrong.
      I am other person while YandereDev is other person and YandereMac is also another person. Don’t give me the credit, give to who deserved that.


  3. I can’t download the February 15th build, Uptobox isn’t available in my country. ;-;
    Can you put up the newest build in Google Drive (zip) please? thank you 🙂 ❤


    1. It not available in your country just because it not available in your country and relax, I’m working on other link and my internet connection today is very disappointing. 3 time upload fail this will be the last retry with 100% success rate. So smile,


  4. I’m not fully sure on how to play Yandere simulator, the instructions were not clear enough, and I need it for windows. Hope you can help me with my problem. 🙂


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