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Simple, if you want to move a car, you will need fuel right? The faster the car is, the more fuel you need! How about this game? Undoubtedly, the game important resource is money. To hire professional artist, for amazing asset and none of them come free!

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Let not stop it there, do you have any good experience downloading Yandere Simulator? Hopefully you are but high likely you are not! It is very hard to download this game even for some people it impossible! Not everyone good with computer. Now here how I play an important role. I’m trying my best to widening chance for people to play Yandere Simulator, for more people able to play Yandere Simulator! For these past month, do you know how many bandwidth and time I have serve?

I download the game, then I upload the game to multiple host, we have MEGAGoogle DriveUptoboxOpenload, sometime I use OneDrive (to much download and blocked though), KumpulBagi. There is still people who cannot play it! Then I start converting file from Rar to Zip. Now from Zip to Rar, to maximize the game download, for more people able to download and play the game!

My MEGA (MEGA is the only host that store all of Yandere Sim since starting of this site) space of 50Gb is full, all of them is Yandere Simulator Game File! I had to create another account! From (50Gb x 2) x 5 = 500Gb total bandwidth used!, probably.

Since you are here now, mean you really like reading don’t you? Now you know some fact and why you should consider to donate to YandereHostYandereHost is a fan-operated site meaning I do not have any affiliate with YandereDev except related permission. It also mean everything that I did here is using my own resource. That’s why you see ads running on this site. I appreciate if you disable the adblock or at least whitelist this site.

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What if I’m at really far away from my house? How should I upload it?
Answer: Mobile Data